“I met Louise many years ago when she invited me to speak at an event she was organising. I was impressed with her energy, vitality and drive, and combined with her outgoing nature, she was a great joy to work with. Having heard Louise speak on another occasion, she brings that same enthusiasm, insight and energy to her presentations. Using her personal experience, combined with business insight is a truly valuable combination for any business audience.

So for anyone who is seeking a speaker that can motivate, inspire and help people become more resilient, I can highly recommend her. “
— Sue Stockdale, Executive Coach, Author & Polar Adventurer
Very captivating and inspirational!
— Vicky Gardner - Ziabia Events Consultancy
“The first time I heard Louise present at a speaking engagement I could easily see she has something remarkable to offer. I believe if a speaker can captivate a room with raw honesty, inspiration and useful takeaways for the audience without digital media (PowerPoint) supporting the presentation, you should probably sit straight and listen attentively. Louise is all of these things. Full stop. Let her brilliance rub off on you. Book her for your next event.”
— Elizabeth M. Kit
Louise kindly volunteered to lead a session focused on ‘Personal Resilience’ with my network LondonTechLadies in August 2017. Louise was a delight to deal with, excellent communication skills and her session was extremely well received by our group. She has a unique ability to tell stories and convey strong messages without any aids or support (no powerpoint!). She dazzled our group and they all left with some strong takeaways and I am still receiving praise for her session a week later. I would happily have her back for our group again in the future!
— Melanie Yencken, UX Director at Schibsted, 'Young Digital Leader of the Year 2016' & Founder of LondonTechLadies
I run a speaking group in London called “Interesting Talks.” Every week we have different speakers who come and give a presentation to about 60 people. In July 2017, Louise was one of the speakers who came to our group. Having never seen Louise speak live before I was uncertain how she would go down at our particular event. I needn’t have worried because she was brilliant. She was calm, confident and funny. She clicked immediately with the audience who were enthralled with her story and the exercises she did. Highly recommended!
— Matt Kendall, Consultant on Meetup, speakers and coaches at Matt Kendall Consultancy
Louise spoke at my regular networking group, Swindon Business Village, and gave a thoroughly enjoyable presentation. Using storytelling, humour and insight she really got across her message about how to build and retain resilience in business. She’s great to listen to, has an entertaining, easy-going style and - joy of joys - doesn’t use Power Point.
— Jo Smyth - Business Village Swindon
Having met and heard Louise speak at my property investors meeting I must say her story is one which everyone can learn from. Louise is very forthcoming with advice and help that was very welcome to my meeting members. If you get a chance I suggest you have a chat with Louise
— Neil Stewart, Looking for a one stop shop for your investment Properties
Louise came to speak to a group of unemployed young people on the Prince’s Trust Team Programme, about her story and about resilience. As a group, their attention spans can be short, which is always a challenge for guest speakers.
Louise presented superbly, she engaged well with the young people and spoke with real honesty and passion. She has a never quit attitude that we all as human beings sometimes forget we have. She encouraged even the quieter members of the group to get involved and participate.
Thank you, Louise!
— David Wreathall, Inner Flame UK
Louise presented at the Women in Innovation bootcamp 2017 to some of the UK’s leading female innovators. As a working Mum, it was the most honest and influential talks I have ever sat through. Thanks to Louise, I have simplified my life to enable me to focus on what’s important; I’ve learnt to say no when being asked to sit on various committees not relevant to my work etc and often find myself referring to Louise’s terms of “Scooby Snacks” and a “bucket full of crabs”. If you don’t know what that means you must go to one of her talks! Life and sanity saving, thanks Louise.
— Donna Lyndsay, Commercial Director at EarthSense
I was lucky enough to hear Louise speak at a Society of Bristol Business Women event last week. Her session covering key tips for resilience was incredibly engaging as she imparted relatable advice through telling her own personal/business story to date - the highs, the lows and the lessons. Everyone in the audience took something valuable away from the session and I’d highly recommend Louise as a speaker.
— Emma Spillane, Business Admin Consultant
I regularly attend Pure Business network meetings at various locations on the edge of Bristol. This week’s meeting featured Louise Ladbrooke as the guest speaker.
Louise began very brightly and really engaged the room. She spoke in a very conversational manner and was witty and relevant.
Her topic was about having a good day - every day and how that could improve your business and personal life. The sign of a good speaker is that real time disappeared and although she spoke for 45 minutes it felt more like 10.
I would have no hesitation recommending Louise and I hope to hear her speak again soon.
— Nick Morgan, Owner, Morgan Business Services. "Everything to do with cars and vans, except getting our hands dirty!"
Louise talked at the Portishead Chamber Breakfast and did a great job. I got great feedback from the members, and her talk was something everyone could relate to and definitely made people think about things.
Thanks again Louise.
— Kim Batchelor, Founder Pure Offices Ltd
Louise has spoken at Glove Factory Studios twice over the past year, with her latest talk in July 2017 drawing a great audience of entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.

Louise’s anecdotes and stories from her past, both good and bad, draw brilliant perspective on the direction of the talk, with sage advice being offered as to how to get through and break out of the perceived shackles of the modern day.
— Tom Marshall, Connecting and nurturing small businesses in a rural, yet urban environment
Louise was an excellent speaker at our event for The Royall Wealth Club in October 2016. She has a very engaging story that people can empathise with.

I would highly recommend Louise to speak at your event to energise your audience and get them thinking about how they can a good day, every day.
— Derrick Royall, Helping you to make financial plans for the future with confidence
Louise came to speak about personal resilience at our regular Event Organiser’s Network evening. I invited Louise along to speak after seeing her talk at a previous event and thought her talk would be perfect for a group of event professionals, many of whom run their own businesses.
Louise completely captivated the audience with her presentation and the content. Her style is relaxed and open, and she easily engaged her audience sharing anecdotes and injecting humour. She stayed after the event and networked with the attendees, happily answering questions. It was a pleasure to have her come along.
I would happily recommend Louise to anyone looking for a professional and approachable speaker and would book her again during the course of my freelance work.
— Paola Davis, Freelance event manager and Manager of EON's Bristol hub
Louise has a wonderful delivery style and story to tell. Our Society members really enjoyed her presentation and really empathised and found useful tools and tips to take away. A truly inspirational speaker! Thank you Louise from us all.
— Judith West, Partner, WPA Healthcare Practice
I have invited Louise several times to speak as I have been so impressed with her. Not only are her talks packed with wisdom due to her many years of business experience but she is also engaging and interesting. I highly recommend her for any size event, you will not be disappointed.
— Angela De Souza
I enjoyed listening to every word you had to say. It is a shame that such messages are not compulsory in life . . . it would save a lot of people much heartache, make them happier, more fulfilled and reduce some of the wasted talent through ‘mental illnesses’.
Sincerity and enthusiasm are infectious, which is why I think you are a great speaker.
— Richard Small, Retired Firefighter
Your presentation was really very good. You were incredibly
generous in sharing your own experiences; both your successes and your
vulnerabilities. The points you made were thought provoking and because you
were so honest with the group, we all felt comfortable in sharing some of
ourselves with each other.

— Suzi Newman Turner
Louise has an infectious optimism and ‘can do’ attitude to everything she does. She speaks from the heart, with a genuine desire to share her experiences in order to inspire others to take on new challenges and grow both individually and in their businesses.
— Richard Tidswell, Business Dr
It was a revelation to hear you speak at the Enterprise Insight launch. It brought
so much-needed humanity, humour, conviction and lightness to last weeks

— Steve Moore @steve4good
You really are an exceptional speaker and motivator in a completely fresh style, a way that is all about the listener and their journey through sharing yours.
— Delia Slucutt
“Louise Ladbrooke shared her story and took us on a rollercoaster ride full of honesty and ideas to take away and use for ourselves. I’d recommend Louise any time you want a Personal Resilience Expert to speak/coach/train and entertain you on the serious business of looking after yourself first.”

— Helen Farmer, Director, VoiceByVolume Marketing and Events
Louise is a very real and genuine speaker. She tells it like it is and builds a strong rapport with her audience within minutes. Her gentle humour is relaxing and helps her message have a greater and more lasting impact
— Jaki Bent, Founder of If Everyone Cares
“I experienced Louise’s keynote speech at a women’s business lunch recently and found her totally engaging. She was open, warm and honest, and her message came across very clearly and most definitely resonated with all of us in the room.”

— Ann-See Yeoh, Human Growth Specialist
A huge ‘thank-you’ for the lovely talk you gave today : I could see many of
our members nodding their agreement and loving what you were saying as they
clearly have experienced similar thoughts and feelings in managing all the
aspects of home and work life... especially when setting up and running a
business.  It felt quite empowering to listen to you and feel your energy.

— Sue Chinnick
Louise gave an inspiring speech on the challenges and rewards of starting
and running a business at smallbusiness|europe’s annual event in Brussels. Her comments had a tremendous impact on the audience, made up
principally of public officials and politicians, and emphasised in a very
constructive manner the realities of entrepreneurship and the obstacles
faced by all entrepreneurs. Louise is a positive role model for all

— Ben Butters Director, smallbusiness|europe
Great talk yesterday...
Thank you again so much for such an inspirational and amusing presentation
yesterday, it will be interesting to see the feedback but I felt everyone
got a lot from it and enjoyed your disarming and honest style.

— Caroline Palmer
Louise has been there, done that having founded, built and successfully sold her business. For 10 years she focused on what is important for 21st Century Leadership - developing robust, adaptable strategies and creating the conditions and leadership culture where excellence reveals itself. She proved that the impact of trust and innovation developed throughout an organisation equals profit.
— John Ward, UKTI Advisory Services Delivery Manager
Thank you so much for meeting up today! Since the very first time I heard your talk, you’ve made me feel empowered and inspired and you keep doing it! I come away from our chats absolutely buzzing with self belief again!
— Janis Phillimore, Imagido!
I have worked with Louise on many occasions over a 20 year period. The work has ranged from public speaking events to Business Analysis projects. Each project has resulted in highly favourable results both from an audience perspective and a bottom line deliverable.

My work with Louise has been characterised by the ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy and deliver the expected results.

— Lawrence Hallett
You have come across my mind so much this summer! I want to acknowledge you
for your extraordinary ability to inspire a group of business women in such a
pragmatic humorous and sincere presentation! I have shared your advice on my courses and in outside groups.

— Lisa Craig
I found your presentation delightful and set me soul searching as I
recognised so much of me in what you talked about.
Your talk was as much about sticks as businesses but totally relevant and
your honesty and awareness of your experience and the impact on yourself and
your life was very helpful.

— Shelagh Hetreed
Louise is an excellent speaker and hearing her talk about the “other side of success” was very thought provoking.
— Trula Brunsdon, Sherbornes Solicitors
Thanks for sharing your story. It was a fantastic talk - entertaining & insightful with lots of depth.
— Saf Nazeer, @helpfulpeeps
Outstanding presentation..
Hi Louise, The words of my colleague Gareth Evans who attended the Independent Business Advisors event on Friday. He was very impressed.

— Jill Gorin, Business Advisor
Huge thanks and respect to @LouiseLadbrooke for her honest, funny and inspiring talk at #GoDoAcceler8 this evening.
— Claire Stone
Thanks Louise
We so enjoyed your session.  We thought your energy, vision, ambition and
style were fantastic!  I can’t remember a session since yours where your words don’t come up!
— Melanie Squire
Just wanted to touch base and say hi.  I was really impressed by your speech
at the Business Seminar at the Vale, last week, your humour and
experience was a real pleasure to listen to.
— D. F. Youth Activities Co-ordinator Arson Reduction Unit ~ Community Fire Safety
The #atmosphere here at #iwomenlive is electric! We’re all completely absorbed by @louiseladbrooke Really useful tips, very #inspirational
— Amanda Kerin - Founder, Entrepreneurs in Progress
Just wanted to say how lovely it was meeting you last night and thank you
for sharing your story.  I really enjoyed talking to you and have to say
that before I came to the meeting I was feeling a bit down and frustrated at
my progress (as you say we are our own worst critics and I think I’ve been
focusing too much on what I’m not achieving rather than what I have achieved
- it’s never quick enough though is it?). So a big thanks for the help and inspiration Louise!  

— Carolynn, Fundraisers UK
How good was #iwomenlive? Super motivated by @LouiseLadbrooke, great messages and points to ponder and take action from!
— Paola Davis