I never saw the value of a coach until the day I realised that my dream job, the one which I loved, which was my passion, which had lit me up from the inside; had turned to dust.

Every thought of work had become filled with dread, I resented the business and job I had once loved so much. I expected my coach to give me my answers, fix me and get me back on track, our sessions did no such thing, containing only gentle questions with no judgment, I was able to find my own answers, fix myself and get myself back on track.

As the time passed I came to shed light on what was causing my anxiety and resentment, the relief was palpable. I was blown away by the power of gentle questioning and have spent the following years developing my own questioning and coaching skills.

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Louise is an incredible coach, extremely genuine and totally in touch with the more human and emotional side of the business journey, and has lots of tools, tips and guidance to help.

Louise is extremely supportive, always gently but firmly encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. Louise’s coaching is invaluable to me, and I would highly recommend her to anyone else who wants the business experience and expertise, along with the emotional connection, where she understands what you are going through.
— Amanda Kerin

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Co Coaching

Co-Coaching Circles create a safe and supportive environment, I facilitate for the group to work in a collaborative way. Building trust, members share their challenges and work together to find their own solutions. I never fail to be impressed by the interconnectedness of each group. Devised to challenge the 'command and control' business structure, this form of coaching is used in those businesses today who acknowledge the contribution of the personal and professional development of their people to the company's bottom line.

Available in-house or as part of an online Circle.

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