I'm a recovering perfectionist, I loved my job and was brilliant at it, life was good then I got a promotion that I hated. I was taken away from my team and shut away to do maths all day... I hate maths... At work I struggled to meet my own impossibly high standards whilst at home I was striving to be the perfect wife and mum. My unhappiness provided the inspiration for me to start my own business.

Of course the business was the success that I always dreamt it would be, I was a driven woman with a goal. Business growth and national awards followed, regular press coverage and invitations for Directorships and committees flooded in - it seemed that everyone wanted a slice of my success. What I hadn't imagined was life on the other side of that success, how come I felt like an imposter and my dream job and perfect life were giving me an ulcer?

Feeling tired and nauseous all the time, friends had been left behind and I was fast missing my children's childhood. I couldn't remember the last time I had felt like me on a good day, things had to change. And so began my own quest for personal resilience.

I have known Louise for many years and have witnessed how she built her own award winning business, I have also seen how she now shares her story and the lessons she has learned in life and business in an entertaining and inspirational way and I would recommend anyone to take the time and make the effort to hear her.

She manages to engage on a personal level with both small and large audiences and I constantly hear people say how they could relate to her story and how she made them realise golden nuggets of learning for themselves. She is refreshingly honest and open and her passion for excellence shines through.
— Stephanie Morgan, Director of Learning Solutions, Bray Leino Learning