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Described time and again as an inspirational speaker I tell the story of how I discovered the importance of building my personal resilience.

I find that it's not the big failures in life but the constant pitter patter of tiny defeats that we need to protect ourselves from. Using a mix of humour, honesty and vulnerability, I describe the ups and down of my life sharing how I learned the hard way, so no one else has to. Celebrated as a success but feeling a fraud, listen to my top hacks, tools and techniques to banish 'imposter syndrome', 'not enoughness' and the need for external validation. Let me help you build your emotional intelligence and the reserves of personal resilience that we all need to be on a good day, everyday.

                                  Talk Titles

Personal Resilience

Why are we tired all the time? Are you looking for the antidote to the strain of modern life? Have you lost your mojo?

Sharing the highs and lows of her own story, Louise guides her audiences to use their own stories to unlock their bespoke resilience plan. Listeners will go away with strong takeaways of how to get through and break out of the perceived shackles of modern day life.

Find out what it takes for you to be on a good day, everyday.


Resilient Leadership

How do you lead your people to achieve your dream? Are your customers happy, always coming back for more and does that happen because or in spite of your team?

Louise created her award winning business by accident. She had personal experience of the true cost of working in a business which solely focused on the bottom line. Trust was low, a ’them and us’ culture thrived and departmental silos created a blame culture.

Find out how ambitious companies that aren’t realising their true potential can use resilient leadership to break the constraints that inhibit increased profits.


Resilient Public Speaking

Are you turning down opportunities to promote you or your business because it will mean speaking in public? Does the thought of having to speak in public make you feel ill?

From speaking to the Rhondda Women’s Institute on milk production to the launch of the Entrepreneur Action Plan in Brussels, no matter how her career has changed, Louise has always been the one chosen to speak in public.

Find out why we get so scared and what to do about it, learn what really great speakers talk about so that you too can wow your audiences.


Unconscious Bias

What is unconscious bias, why do we have it and how much influence does it have on our decision making at work? Could we be unconsciously damaging our businesses in the recruiting and appraising decisions that we make?

We’ve all got a super fast thought process in our brains that expresses implicit bias. It happens to the best of us. Unthinkingly we categorise and make snap judgements; at best it keeps us safe from potential threats, at worst we can unconsciously decide a person’s ability to do a job without any concrete evidence.

Learn how to expose your false assumptions, how they were formed and how to master your unwitting discrimination.