Have you ever been dumped because their Mother didn’t like you?

Have you ever been dumped because their Mother didn't like you?

Have you ever been dumped by a 53 year old because their Mother didn’t like you?

I sort of get it - we were all taught from a young age that our elders knew what was best for us, why disrupt the status quo?

After all, mine taught me well, I learned what it takes to be a success in life:-

Work hard

Respect authority

Be liked

Don’t rest on my laurels

Keep going - Don’t ever give up


And it worked, I achieved everything that they had dreamed for me:-

The family

The house

The cars

My own business - it grew - won awards - I got Directorships


But there was another side to this success…

I was tired all the time… tired but wired

My stomach was burning a hole in itself

I lived in fear of being caught out as an imposter

No success I achieved felt enough

Every morning I would put my hand on the door handle to my dream business and a part of me used to die - my dream had turned to dust.


This was way past work-life balance - it got to the point when I realised that their idea of success was going to kill me.

That’s when I knew that I had to dare to disrupt my own life.

That’s when I knew that personal resilience was key to that disruption.

I could no longer live with someone else’s definition of success, I had to find my own.

There’s only one way to find your own answers and that’s by having someone ask you really good questions.

16 years later I have come to understand that resilience is a very personal thing. Based on our personal stories and everything we think, say and do, resilience is as individual as we are.

For me, it’s been learning to:-

Stop & silence my wired brain

Say no

Accept compliments from others and more importantly from myself.

Put myself first so that I can help others

Accept that I am not designed to be liked by everyone - particularly other people’s mothers…


In these days of political, social, environmental and technological turmoil the status quo is being disrupted like never before. As our daily lives are being impacted, we can no longer turn to our elders to know what is best for us. 

Those of us that find our own answers and dare to disrupt our own lives before they get disrupted for us will thrive. Personal resilience is not only the key to this disruption but the key to appreciating that no matter what anybody else thinks, we can thrive in these times.