5 Sure Signs That You Need To Increase Your Resilience

We’ve all heard the word resilience but what does it mean in terms of you and everyday life?

1    You’re tired all the time which isn’t surprising due to your chronic insomnia, late nights and early starts. How many shots of caffeine do you need to get you going in the morning? Besides isn’t lack of sleep a badge of honour these days? 

2    That nagging injury is back again. Just how persistent are your aches and pains? Is it the same old or a new one today? Can you remember a day when you felt fit, well and healthy? Anyway, that’s what pills are for, right?

3    You’re unable to switch off. Is your brain constantly wired? Have you tried the apps, the exercises and the diet but are still unable to switch off your mind as it seemingly starts to eat itself? Are you completely sure that you want to switch off, I mean what would happen to Yours Inc. if you did just that? Are you worried that things may just fall apart without you? Perhaps you’ve decided that switching off can wait.

4    You live in a cloud of anxiety. How’s your stomach feeling? Does it contain a constant dread which is somehow physical? Or do you have sharp pains shooting at the thought of you being found out? Do you know what’s causing it or is it omnipresent and you’ve almost forgotten it’s there?

5    You’re impressively busy the whole time. Are you committed to achieving, lauded for being so driven? Do you do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the pack whilst others look at you in wonderment and awe? Is failure an option at whatever the cost?


We live in a society that enables us to treat our symptoms very successfully. There are no end of medications that can put us out of our misery and keep us going. However, that’s just what they do, nullify the symptoms, it’s a bit like cutting the bell on the fire alarm and enjoying the silence but the building’s still burning. We forget that bit.

I believe that strong personal resilience is built through the trilogy of thought, word and deed. Our physical symptoms are a last resort built over time caused by what we think, what we say and what we do. It’s essential to look back at how we have dealt with the big and everyday challenges of our past. By understanding and learning from our personal stories we can look forward to where we want to be, living the life we’ve always imagined. We can all benefit from putting some personal resilience strategies in place to help us get there, fit, well and healthy. You deserve to be You on a Good Day, Everyday.